Canola Protein Unveiled

World Premiere Launch of CANOLA PROTEIN

March 7 – 8 at the Arnold Kids Fitness Expo

A core foundation of our company’s mission in creating products that are healthy, yet delicious, Coalescence, the Columbus-based food, beverage, and health care manufacturer, is pleased to announce a new line of beverage and ice cream products. Featuring an innovative Canola Protein, the all-natural protein will be launched at the Arnold Kids Fitness Expo this Saturday and Sunday, March 7-8 at the Ohio Exposition Center, located in the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

• Soon-to-be commercially available, this innovative plant-based protein is a dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan supplement.

• An eight-ounce serving contains up to 15 grams of protein, and the powder can be used in a variety of recipes.

• The Canola Protein is a cost-effective alternative to other protein supplements like whey and soy.

Developed by the international company, DSM, the proprietary protein is from the canola plant; the oil extracted from the canola is widely known as a cooking oil. DSM expert technologists have unlocked additional nutrition from the canola in a complete protein with a balanced amino acid profile. With a clean flavor, the powder dissolves easily and delivers the benefits that protein offers in curbing hunger, supplying more energy, and supporting a healthy weight.

Coalescence and DSM will have food and beverage samples using the Canola Protein powder, along with nutritional and ingredient information, at booth 102 throughout the Arnold Kids Fitness Expo. The samples that will be featured are:

•  Chocolate Flavored Canola Protein Shake

•  Mango Smoothie

•  Soft Serve Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

Coalescence is especially honored to launch this healthy new protein during the Arnold Sports Festival 2015 to further support the Festival’s long tradition in Columbus. Proudly exhibiting at the first ever Arnold Kids Fitness Expo, the 2-day event is dedicated in providing kids, families, and sports enthusiasts’ immediate access to entertainment, sports, and information about healthy and active living.


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