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A Coalescence Partner Spotlight…

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ChipBags copy (1)If you are unfamiliar with Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips, you won’t be for long! This Ohio-based family started making homemade potato chips in their kitchen to now selling bags of chips to several large grocery store chains. But, with any new business, Matt and Jeanne Rue’s success story didn’t happen overnight.

After quickly running out of chips at several fairs and shows, the husband and wife knew they had to scale up their operation. After doing some thorough research and meeting with Coalescence, Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips chose to partner with Coalescence on their family’s secret seasonings because the manufacturer didn’t judge the smaller company.

According to Jeanne, “Coalescence took us seriously and listened to our big and ‘out of the box’ ideas to produce chip seasonings to our specifications and without hesitation. Prior to Coalescence, finding a seasoning company to provide seasoning blends without any additives, fillers or preservatives was a nightmare.”

With Coalescence’s expertise on quality assurance and supply chain innovation, Coalescence sourced the raw materials to produce the non-GMOchip1 copy 2 blends just the way Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips requested, and with the highest quality of ingredients.

“Matt and I have a blast working with the entire staff as they are always coming up with cutting edge seasoning recipes”, said Jeanne. And the results have been superb for this fast growing snacks company! Coalescence and Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips are collaborating on several other projects as both organizations continue to grow. Stay tuned to follow this valued partnership.

If Coalescence can assist in scaling up your innovations, quality, packaging, or supply chain solutions, contact us to witness the authentic difference.


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