Seven Lessons Learned From the Giant

Mr William G MaysA Shout Out to Mr. William G. Mays

Founder of the Mays Chemical Company

By Angela N. Cauley

So who was this giant?  Mr. William G. Mays, was the founder of the Mays Chemical Company, and throughout my relationship knowing and working with him, he shared valuable lessons about running a successful business, the value of diversification and how to serve others. Here are seven lessons that Coalescence has incorporated into our business.

1. Mays was always accessible and took all of my calls even after I left his company.

2. Mays openly shared his pearls of wisdom. This wisdom saved me numerous times in business and in my personal life.

3. Mays taught me to never promote my business based on the fact that we are diverse business, but rather to focus on marketing our capabilities.

4. Mays understood the value of relationships, after all, people do business with who they like and trust to deliver on promises.

5. Mays stressed the importance of diversification. As a result my husband and I did a joint venture last year with a logistics firm and started Halcyon Supply Chain Solutions which focuses on business outsourcing processes for large companies both in and outside of the food industry.

6. Mays impressed upon me the power of philanthropy, letting me know that it was my not only my duty, but my responsibility to serve others. In 2012, We have recognized gaps in skill sets of both children and adults coming through our doors, therefore we started the George Washington Carver Food Research Institute to educate students in underrepresented communities in STEM subject matter in order to better prepare them for careers in agricultural science.

7. Mays believed in supporting other M/WBE’s. How can we ask for an opportunity to prove our value if we are not willing to step up to the plate and give another deserving minority firm a chance?

The giant, Mr. William G. Mays died on December 4, on his 69th birthday.  My former boss, my mentor and my friend leaves big shoes to fill in his absence. Yes, his lessons are fundamental as Coalescence strives for success in business as well as life.  My goal is to share my time and talents in the hopes of making a difference in someone’s life, just like Mr. Mays made in mine.


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