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Seasoning Blends & Rubs

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Flavors & Infused Oils

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Marinades & Sauces

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Our Corporate Statements

OUR MISSION To be the premier solutions provider to the Food~ Beverage and Health Care sectors. We partner with our customers from ideation to commercialization with a commitment to ethical sourcing~ talent development and environmental sustainability to address global health concerns.
OUR PURPOSE Coalescence is committed to achieving business success while positively impacting the health and economic well-being of the global community by adhering to our core principles of good corporate stewardship.
OUR VISION Our vision is to be a globally recognized leader in our industry by bringing together individuals representing a diversity of thought to provide innovative solutions economic development and educational empowerment that benefits society and transforms the communities we serve.


Founded in May


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We have a lot of experience recognizing that business doesn’t happen overnight…  and the sooner we start forging the business relationship the clock starts ticking.  We do all that we can to understand your business needs and see how our skill sets align to add value to your organization. Our goal is to super-serve our clients, and we know that one misstep can have detrimental repercussions.  Therefore, we are truthful about our abilities and don’t commit to what we can’t deliver.

– Angela Cauley
Co-Founder & CEO, Coalescence LLC

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  • Introducing EggCeed

    COLUMBUS, OHIO — Coalescence, LLC is proud to introduce EggCeed, an egg white replacement system which has been demonstrated to show the replacement of eggs between 25% to 100% in baked goods and meat analogs applications.
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