COLUMBUS, OHIO — Coalescence, LLC is proud to introduce EggCeed, an egg white replacement system which has been demonstrated to show the replacement of eggs between 25% to 100% in baked goods and meat analogs applications.

“With EggCeed, Coalescence can easily help our customers achieve cost optimization while maintaining the functional properties of food products that egg whites would normally deliver,” said Ben Yeap, Research & Development Manager.

EggCeed has been shown to replace powdered egg whites and can be easily and quickly blended with other dry ingredients.

“EggCeed is the perfect tool to mitigate and control the rising cost of eggs as a result of supply shortage. A perfect example would be the recent Avian flu epidemic. You never know when the next Avian flu is going to hit. A functional egg white replacer like EggCeed allows you to be proactive and be prone to these market volatility,” Mr. Yeap said.

Coalescence is evaluating EggCeed as an emulsifier in sauces and dressings, as well as developing a system to replace or extend egg yolk and whole egg. Coalescence also offers ingredients and fortification that can supplement EggCeed as well as other egg replacers and extenders to meet our customers’ needs.

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