Research and Development

Flavorful –Functional- Beneficial

The on-site research and development team at Coalescence is extremely knowledgeable and current on changing trends and technologies in the food, beverage and Nutraceuticals markets.

Coalescence’s experienced team come from a wide variety of food science and culinary disciplines.  The diversity of their knowledge and their ability to solve problems collaboratively makes them uniquely qualified to creative, individualized solutions for each customer.

Working with Coalescence, we actively work with you in order for our group to thoroughly understand and to achieve your specific goals.  This partnership ensures your product is not only formulated to specification, but your innovation is also is flavorful! In our application kitchen and culinary lab, our team is able to prepare, package, and develop products using a variety of techniques that offer our clients the customization options they desire for their unique products.

Our R&D lab enables us to cook, package, and develop products using a variety of techniques giving our customers the customization options desired for their unique product.

The ability to respond rapidly and to be flexible with our customers individualize request the Coalescence R&D group apart from other companies. Through active travels to learn new about technologies, you can be assured that internal as well as external market research is conducted on your project keeping you abreast of the latest innovations and regulatory changes impacting business. With their deep knowledge base, some innovative technologies that have been developed include:

    • Reduced sodium
    • All-natural
    • Anti-oxidants
    • Fiber incorporation
    • Yield enhancement
    • Meat and meat analog applications
    • Shelf-stable
    • Non-fat
    • Non-dairy beverages


With the deep knowledge base the Coalescence team provides, your innovations are delicious, functional, safe, and beneficial for you as well as your end user.